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Unknown Man X- An Idea of mine through photoshop. As for the meaning I leave that up to you guys. Respect… J.Signature Music and Design.

J.Signature/Yancuic | A.&L. Records

Compilation with A L Records 2014

Full of experimental vision and sound. I try to really use what I had outside of my DAW this time around. I use the might and compact Waldorf Rocket Synth in the beginning Fx intro and pad sounds at the end. Given this track a very layered soundscape feel. Hope you will enjoy. Much Respect Jay H.

Check back on future home site soon to be filled with back catalog of tracks. Details soon.


New Material soon to be release with hub site!! Keep checking back..:D

Given just no clue to direction I was open to the idea of using a lot of old school sounds. You run through thinking you’ll never use them again for anything. With plenty of low end Bass and Kick Breaking into the beat. I guess you can’t go wrong with any of that. As for the vocal don’t know what it says truthfully. But that being no importance to me you never know what you can do with something like this in till you give it a try. This was done in 2010 using my faithfully DAW Ableton. Hope you do enjoy. More new material on there way. MAd Respect JAy H.

Voltron front and center in my studio:D

J.S.-Destiny's Door

Another take on for Mr Hanz Zimmer contest so please listen on is and VOTE!! Thanks Jay.

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#southpark #Gayfish #kanye
Gayfish on South Park